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EHD is an international coaching company which draws on over 20 years of experience, studies and practice.
EHD coaching utilizes a holistic approach which takes into account every aspect of the person. EHD is founded upon self-knowledge in the service of personal development.

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Water and beverage bottler:
" Thanks to EHD I was able to seel my company to a large group for a fair price and avoid making a loss. I was able reinvest a part of the capital thus realized into another business and today I live in total peace of mind and have kept my association with EHD as a consultant. "

Coaching to prepare high-level athletes for events (football player, hockey player, dancer, etc.):
" EHD prepared me physically and psychologically for my competitions. I was able to improve my techniques I felt stronger both physically and mentally for my events. "

Preparation in Dakar for motorcycle racing:
" Thanks to EHD, my mental and physical training enabled me to concentrate on the race and to manage both the fatigue and stress due to the hazards of this event. "

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