Our Company

EHD is an international coaching company which draws upon more than 20 years of experience, study, and practice.

EHD utilizes a holistic approach to coaching which takes into account all aspects of a person. Our method is founded upon self knowledge in the service of personal development and success.

Whatever your age or profession, EHD will accompany you in order to help you discover your potentials and ways of transforming them into strengths which will allow you to evolve and progress in your personal context.

Who can benefit from EHD coaching?

Our services are designed for anyone and everyone wishing to be accompanied in the perspective of personal or professional evolution.

EHD coaching caters to the needs of businesses as well as to those of individuals.

If you are:
  • A business executive or manager
  • A politician
  • An independent professional or an employee
  • A student
  • Retired
  • Amateur artist or athlete

EHD coaching can help you.


Essentially High Directions will open your mind, transform you, give you the strength to realize your projects, and show you the way to achieve the greatest success your potential will allow.