Personal Development

Self-knowledge coaching

Getting to know yourself better in order to better understand what's best for you and what to avoid.

Whatever the professional domain or the personal context in which he or she may operate, every individual possesses a totally unique set of skills, potentials, and predilections.

Having knowledge of all these elements as well as being able to distinguish between situations which are favorable to you from those which are not will enable you to make right decisions in harmony with yourself and your deepest motivations throughout your life.

Decision making coaching

Should I accept or not?
Choosing one option among many can seem difficult because you are directly involved.

Whatever the professional domain or the personal context in which you operate EHD can accompany you in your daily choices as well as at moments when important decisions must be made. Together, we will study all the options available to you and choose the solution which is best adapted to your needs.

A fresh, objective view of a situation which may seem complicated to you due to your personal involvement can help you find a sensible and favorable solution.

Career coaching

In an average lifetime, a person spends 2/3 of his or her time at work. Making good decisions about your career is essential.

The choice of career paths is one which must take into account the balance between work and your family and social life. Most importantly, discovering, or rediscovering, the right work situation for you is dependent upon your deepest motivations.

Building a professional project should begin early which is why our coaching services are directed towards students as well as towards professionals in search of a better career path.

Objective Attainment Coaching

Mental preparation is key to successfully completing a project

This type of coaching is vital to any individual for whom the attainment of an objective is essential, from students who are preparing to take an exam to high-level athletes training for a competition.

The objective of each may be different, school exams, earning a degree, job interview, sports competition, but the mental preparation involved is equally important to all.